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Welcome to our new website of Crystalton Standard Poodles and Pomeranians!

From the early 1990's breeding Standard Poodles has been as priority in my life as well as a busy schedule of judging dog shows around the world. 

We have been very fortunate to have some of the Countries top winning dogs. A few being the #1 Dog of All-Breeds in 2014, Graydon, with 50 Best in Shows. Then followed by our white girl Sparkle for half a year, achieving #1 Standard Poodle and #4 Non-Sporting dog in 2017 with 7 Best in Shows and 3 Reserve Best in Shows. Magnum entered the campaign trail winning #4 Standard Poodle and #8 Non-Sporting dog while only shown for a few months in 2017. Magnum continued on for part of 2018 being awarded 13 Best in Shows and 13 Reserve Best in Shows placing him as the #3 Standard Poodle and #4 Non-Sporting Dog. Later in 2018 Gibbs entered the ring with limited showing to become #4 Standard Poodle. In 2019 he was awarded #2 Standard Poodle and #3 Non-Sporting dog. Covid resulted in very few shows for 2020, however Gibbs was fortunate enough to be the #1 Standard Poodle and the #3 Non-Sporting dog. In 2021 with limited showing he became the #1 Standard Poodle, #1 Non-Sporting dog and #7 All-Breeds with 22 Best in Shows and 15 Reserve Best in Shows. 

2022 was an exciting year for some of our upcoming puppies, as Bowden and Cola were both seen awarded highly at such a young age. Bowden became a multi group winner as a puppy and his Sister Cola will be seen later this year as a Specials. 

Over the past 10 years we have also had some top winning Pomeranians. Peanut who was #1 Pom in 2009 and #5 Pom in 2010, became a multi Best in Show winner. Then followed by his son Buddha who was the #1 Pom in 2011, 2012 and 2013 with 5 Best in Shows and 4 Reserve Best in Shows. In 2016 Tracy Ball of Tribble Pomeranians and I formed a partnership and now have begun to Co-breed some very successful litters with more breedings planned in the near future. 

I am very excited to announce a new member who is joining Crystalton Standard Poodles and Pomeranians. Introducing, Xander Scriver, who purchased his first Standard Poodle from me in 2015 and was already known at that time as a very successful Junior Handler and Handler having won several Best in Shows. He showed his first Standard Poodle making him a Multi Best in Show Winner. Xander spent a few summers here in the west showing with me and then purchased his second Poodle from me in 2019. He moved here in January of 2022 to further his career as an All-Breed Handler and to Co-breed Standard Poodles with Crystalton under the Maxbury Prefix. He will be seen in the show ring with all Crystalton Standard Poodles and Pomeranians. 

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